What You Should Do After a Divorce

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what to do after divorce anthony carboneIt’s been a long time coming, almost a year now. You’ve worked out all financial details, came up with a child support and custody plan, and presented everything to the court. And now, you’re finally divorced! Time to take a deep sigh of relief. The craziness is finally over. But, before you say you’re done with the legal system for good, there may be a few things you want to wrap up, legal-wise. Things that you may not think of during the heat of divorce.

Here are a couple of legal matters you should take care of after your divorce is settled:

  1. Changing your name – Did you take your spouse’s last name when you got married? You want to change it back. In order to do that, you’re going to have to send a request to the court. In New Jersey, you are able to request a name change during your divorce proceedings. But just in case you didn’t, you still have a chance.
  2. Retitle property – If any property, such as the house or a vehicle, was transferred in the divorce decree, you may need to retitle them to your name. This is to protect you in case your ex-spouse had decided to place a lien on that property after the divorce. If there is a lien or you’re not sure how to check for one, it’s best to speak with your family law attorney.
  3. Request enforcement of the divorce decree – Your ex causing you some pain? Not getting the property that you are entitled to? You may need to request an enforcement of your divorce decree.
  4. Establish a garnishment – If you have custody of your child or are receiving spousal support, you may need to get garnishment established, especially if your ex isn’t paying. Again, this can be a complicated process and you may need your family law attorney to help.

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