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Medical MarijuanaIt’s no secret.  Some say the reason they voted for Phil Murphy for Governor was because of his support for the legalization of recreational cannabis. Although new legislation has changed medical marijuana availability, that’s about it. So, what exactly is the latest news for those interested in the cannabis industry?

Like every valuable commodity in business, it’s a matter of supply and demand. One thing Governor Murphy has accomplished is expanding the list of conditions for which prescriptions for medical cannabis can be honored.  Since more qualified conditions were added to the list, the number of patients seeking medical marijuana (MMJ) is up.

What are the conditions? Authorized doctors may now prescribe medical cannabis for migraine headaches, chronic pain, and anxiety. The previous list of qualifying conditions included issues with seizure disorders, irritable bowel syndrome, and HIV/AIDS. By no means is the existing list cited here or the new one inclusive.

So, with just a handful of medical marijuana dispensaries throughout the state, are they able to handle the traffic? Many say absolutely not. Lines are long, and there are limitations on the product. According to a recent news article, Governor Murphy is aware of the problems medical cannabis patients encounter as they try to get their prescriptions filled. He has authorized adding six additional MMJ dispensaries throughout the state. This would double the current number.

Opening New Medical Cannabis Centers

One look at the website maintained by the New Jersey Department of Health, and you might be confused. Medical cannabis centers are also known as Alternative Treatment Centers (ATCs). The state’s website states they are not accepting new applications for additional centers. Yet, this is contrary to the information released by the Governor’s office.

Truth be told, there is a process involving requests for applications (RFAs) starting up now. According to sources, the centers should allow easier access throughout the state. Two will be located in North Jersey, two in Central Jersey, and the remaining two in South Jersey.

Of interest, two different workers’ compensation judges have ordered insurance companies to pay for medical marijuana for injured workers. If this is the start of a trend, the numbers of patients needing access may go up even more.

Would you be interested in opening an ATC? If so, it is critical that you seek legal advice to guide you through the process. You may be holding off on the New Jersey Legislature passing a recreational cannabis bill. However, it appears there is still some debate on the way such laws will be enacted.

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