When Do Construction Site Accidents Qualify To Be Compensated?

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Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) classifies construction sites as one of America’s top dangerous jobs. Therefore, construction sites are required by the law to provide a safe environment for their workers. Despite this, accidents still occur, most of which result from employers and contractor’s negligence. If you need a construction site accident lawyer, call to get the representation of a Jersey City personal injury attorney Anthony Carbone. Here are some answers regarding construction site accidents.

Why claim?

Even without proving the fault of another party in your accident, you still qualify for certain entitlements according to the law. You also have a legal right to get compensation for accidents that do not occur due to your carelessness. This is important because it can pay for your treatment, make up for lost income, whether temporarily or permanently, and provide compensation to your loved ones if the accident is fatal. With a construction site accidents lawyer, charges are only payable after winning.

Which construction site injuries qualify for compensation?

According to the law, you should be compensated if your injury occurs as a result of the following:

  •       Equipment accident: Defective tools may increase the chances of an injury when using heavy power and machinery tools. It is also difficult to control this equipment in construction site conditions.
  •       Electrical accidents: You do not have to be an electrician to suffer electrocution. Construction sites have wires that supply power to the equipment, which increases the chances of an electric shock.
  •       Falling debris: You are entitled to claim compensation if trash, building materials, or tools fall from stories above you when working on a construction site. You could still suffer an injury while wearing a hard hat because falling objects have severe impacts on the head.

How much are you entitled to claim in a construction site accident?

Like all other personal injuries, how much you receive as compensation depends on the severity of your injury and its impact. More serious injuries receive more compensation because medical bills are higher, and so does pain and suffering. It is also highly likely that you will spend too much time off work after a severe injury or get impaired permanently. You may also get rehabilitation therapy and specialist treatment, both of which will be paid for by the third party.

Why use a construction site accidents lawyer?

You only get one shot when launching a claim in a construction site accident. Therefore, you cannot afford to take risks. You want a firm that has had years of experience with similar cases to improve your chances of success. The Law Offices of Anthony Carbone have over 30 years of experience with an excellent reputation in personal injury cases.

If you, a family member, or a friend suffers an injury due to site managers and constructors’ negligence, unsafe equipment, you should know that you have a legal right to receive compensation. Call The Law Offices of Anthony Carbone on 201-829-3805 for free consultation and representation. Remember, we only charge after winning your case.

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