When domestic violence becomes a personal injury case

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domestic violence becomes personal injury casesWe all know how horrible domestic violence is. No one should be the victim of any type of abuse. But there comes a time where a domestic violence victim will finally escape the situation. On top of protecting yourself from more abuse, such as obtaining a restraining order and bringing up charges against your abuser, you may be worried about how you will afford any medical bills you occurred while recovering from the abuse.

Don’t worry, there is a way to recover money for your injuries through a personal injury lawsuit. First, be aware that you should make sure your completely safe from your abuser before pursing a civil lawsuit. Unlike criminal charges, a civil lawsuit will not protect you from any threats of violence. So make sure you’re protected and safe before bringing about a personal injury lawsuit.

In addition to suing for the physical pain and suffering you received, you can also sue for emotional pain and suffering, especially if the abuse was a long-term experience. It is always helpful to get a witness such as a psychiatrist or mental health professional that can testify on how much harm the abuse caused you mentally as well as physically.

If you are a victim of domestic violence, remember to seek safety first before bringing any legal action against your abuser. When you’re ready to proceed with a personal injury lawsuit, remember to contact the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone for a free consultation. We’ve been handling domestic violence cases for more than 26 years in New Jersey and know how sensitive a matter this can be.

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