When Your On the Job Injury is Weather Related: What Now?

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job injury weather carboneThere’s no doubt that many will remember the latest storm. At first, it seemed as though forecasters had missed the mark once again. By the end of the day, the combination of thunder, lightning, and snow seemed surreal. With certainty, this particular Nor’easter of “thundersnow” caused a number of weather-related on the job injuries.

Most local Hudson County towns like Jersey City and Hoboken only had about six inches of snow. However, many heading out of city saw far more accumulation. Route 280 was a virtual parking lot for hours and saw a number of motor vehicle accidents. Meanwhile, multi-vehicle crashes occurred throughout the state. In fact, they are still are happening today.

Back in 2014, the federal government estimated the number of incidents related to winter work accidents. In that year alone, there were 42,480 work injuries involved ice, sleet, or snow. Overexertion and bodily reactions are included in these statistics.

It’s impossible to estimate the impact of this most current storm, but there were likely a number of workplace accidents related to it. The risk for many incidents might have been predictable. However, that doesn’t mean it was avoidable. Meanwhile, when you are hurt at work, there is no requirement to prove negligence. In most cases, on the job injuries are compensable regardless of fault.

Weather Related Work Accidents

It’s not something you usually consider as a risk in a winter storm. According to news reports, lightning struck a middle school teacher. As she was escorting children to the school bus, lightning made contact with the faculty member’s umbrella. The extent of the teacher’s injuries is unknown.

In Jersey City alone, Mayor Steven Fulop reported that there were 75 down trees. The heavy snow also brought down a number of power lines. Downed wires put many in jeopardy of electrocution. Also, falling objects can cause a number of severe injuries, some of which may be fatal.

What about those hurt in weather-related motor vehicle accidents? Depending on the circumstances, some may need to file workers’ compensation claims. However, New Jersey has a “going and coming” rule. This means your travel time may exclude you from receiving benefits. However, if you drive from one job site to another, you would need to file a workplace accident report. Of course, professional bus and truck drivers could also suffer on the job injuries due to inclement weather.

In the meantime, you may notice that emergency rooms fill up quickly during snow and ice storms. You may find yourself among those waiting to get checked if you slipped and fell at work. You might have fallen on the ice in an employee parking lot. Of course, even interior work areas can become slippery as surfaces become wet.

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