Who are the Most Common Victims of Domestic Violence?

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Lewdness is Considered Domestic Violence in NJ

Domestic violence is often mistaken for an act of pushing and hitting the partner or the kids in case of an argument. However, domestic violence can be caused by heated arguments, the influence of alcohol on parties, child custody cases, or situations where either partner is trying to reach a more favorable position.

Prosecutors and courts now have strict penalties for the accused because of the social pressure and the severity of bodily harm to the victims. Talk to a North Bergen Personal Injury Attorney for legal advice and representation if you are accused of domestic violence. Here are more details:

What is domestic violence?

Domestic violence describes an act of violence or threats to cause bodily harm to a partner, child, or former spouse. The definition and the relationship between the accused and the victim is essential when dealing with such cases.

Examples of domestic violence are burning, hair-pulling, sexual abuse, name-calling, psychological abuse, threatening, stalking, sexual jokes at the victim’s expense, and hitting. Therefore, domestic violence is broad and not limited to acts that cause physical harm. In all states in the U.S., police can now arrest individuals immediately if they merely think domestic violence has occurred.

Who are the most common victims of domestic violence?

According to a National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) report, 1 in four women and 1 in 9 men suffer from physical violence, sexual violence, stalking, and other acts of domestic violence in the United States. Additionally, 1 in 25 men and 1 in 7 women have been injured by a violent intimate partner. Intimate partners could be spouses or parties in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship.

The statistics and the facts reveal that more women than men suffer from domestic violence. Out of all those harmed by such acts, NCADV also reported that only 34% receive medical care. In response to these effects, the law has strict measures to curb such practices. You could be accused of domestic violence even when acting in self-defense. To protect your rights, you should ensure that you work with a defense attorney.

What are the common defense strategies in domestic violence cases?

You face a significant time in jail or heavy fines if found guilty of domestic violence charges. An experienced lawyer will look at the evidence and come up with the most appropriate defense. Common examples include:

  • The action was unintentional: The accused is guilty if they acted knowingly, intentionally, and recklessly to cause bodily harm.
  • Ulterior motive: This is where the other party wants to use the charges to benefit in child custody or divorce cases.
  • Self-defense: Sometimes, you could be protecting yourself when you caused harm.
  • The police picked sides: If you feel that the police were unfair and did not listen to your side of the story.

Apart from the fine and jail term, other consequences of domestic violence could affect you for the rest of your life. Contact an attorney immediately to have these charges reduced or dismissed entirely. Our North Bergen Personal Injury Attorney has over 30 years dealing with similar cases. Call the offices today at 201-762-8956.

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