Who Can File a Wrongful Death Suit in New Jersey?

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wrongful-deathWhen speaking to our injury lawyer, Newark-area clients who have recently lost a loved one due to the negligence or misconduct of someone else frequently have questions about the state’s laws.

New Jersey’s wrongful death statute can be complicated, and one of the primary questions in any wrongful death case is whether the plaintiff has “standing” to sue. “Standing” simply means that the court determines you have a legally defined interest and are able to pursue a claim.

Every case is unique, but there are two types of plaintiffs who commonly pursue wrongful death claims:

  • Immediate family members of the deceased
  • The deceased’s estate

Immediate family members include biological relations of the lost loved one, such as parents and children, as well as adopted children and spouses.

In the case of a wrongful death claim brought by the estate, the plaintiff will be the executor or administrator. Any compensation resulting from the claim will be distributed according to the deceased’s will.

Our injury lawyer is always honest with his Newark-area clients. Anthony Carbone will evaluate your case at a free initial consultation and determine if you have the standing to sue under state law.

If you live in New Jersey, including Newark, injury lawyer Anthony Carbone can help with your wrongful death claim. Please contact The Law Offices of Anthony Carbone, P.C., today for a free consultation.

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