Who Decides Who Gets Custody?

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Categories: Family Law.

As a parent, you are naturally concerned what will happen to your children after your divorce. You may worry that they will be taken away from you by the court or by your spouse. The good news is that parents largely have the power to determine custody of their children after a divorce. With the help of a family law attorney, you and your spouse can work together to craft a parenting plan that the court will likely approve with little question.

The key is understanding what factors the court will consider in making a decision about child custody. Parental cooperation is favored by the courts, so if you can get together and work with your spouse, maybe with the help of a family law attorney on each side, your parenting plan is more likely to be approved.

Parenting plans should also be written with the good of the child at heart. There are certain things the court considers important for children of various ages. Time spent with both parents is always important, but some things become more important depending on a child’s age, such as regular schedules for infants or social access for school age children. Making sure these are included in your parenting plan will help you get your parenting plan approved.

A family law attorney can help you decide the custody of your children. For help in dealing with this sensitive issue in Jersey City, please contact the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone, PC today.

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