Who is responsible for your slip and fall accident in a parking garage?

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Categories: Personal Injury, Premises Liability, Slip and Falls.

parking-garage-slip-and-fall-accidentsParking garages can be an intimidating place. There are always several cars pulling in and out all day. It’s usually dark, with no clear markings for pedestrians. And who knows when was the last time the structure had been taken care of? But what if you have a slip and fall accident in a parking garage? Who is responsible?

Here’s a scenario: You just parked your car in an upper level spot and are walking to the elevator. As you approach the elevator, your foot catches on a piece of broken cement. You trip, fall, and injure your back. Now what?

This is a clear-cut case of premises liability. As we all know, the owner or entity of a property is responsible for the safety of anyone visiting the property. Even in the case of a public area, such as a store or sidewalk, the owner must keep conditions safe.

But who owns a parking garage? This may be a difficult answer to find out. Relator companies or stores own some parking garages. But if it’s a public parking garage where the city collects the fees, then the municipality is responsible for the safety of its visitors and that is the entity that you should sue.

It’s important to find out who the responsible party is before starting a personal injury lawsuit. And that’s why you need a good New Jersey attorney by your side after such an accident. If you had a slip and fall accident in a parking garage, then contact the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone immediately for a free consultation.

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