Why Do I Need a Car Accident Attorney?

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Imagine this: you’re involved in a minor car accident. You don’t think you’re hurt, and it looks like there’s only minimal damage to your car. The other driver admits it’s his fault, then a representative from his insurance company shows up, saying many vague, but sympathetic and reassuring things. He wants your signature to a statement about the accident. The police show up, and neither driver is cited, and the accident report is cursory. You drive away feeling relatively good about the whole thing—it could’ve been much worse. You even stop off for an ice cream on the way home.

In a couple days, your neck begins to feel stiff. Stiffness turns to pain, which becomes debilitating. Your boss is impatient with you calling in, and when you go to your doctor, he tells you that you suffered whiplash in the accident. When you contact the other driver and his insurance company, they have changed their tune. Now they maintain there is no evidence the accident was his fault and they do not want to pay for your injuries, which are likely imaginary or fraudulent, they say. When you contact your insurance company, they say not only that they do not plan to help you, but that they are going to pay the other driver’s claim and increase your rates.

What are your options now? Much fewer than they were a few days before, and none of them are likely to get you the compensation you deserve without a fight. A car accident attorney may be able to help at this point, or it may be too late.

The point of this anecdote is that as a friendly, trusting person who isn’t involved in a lot of accidents, you are vulnerable to many types of manipulations and subterfuge that insurance companies use to avoid making payments. If you want to protect your rights after an accident, you need someone on your side who understands how these tricks work. And don’t count on your insurance company to be your advocate—all too often they work with the other insurance company to find an optimum solution for them, which leaves you out!

A car accident lawyer is someone you can count on to advocate for your rights after an accident. Don’t let insurance companies manipulate you and take away your right to compensation, act quickly and get a lawyer to protect your rights.

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