Why Do I Need a Medical Malpractice Attorney?

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If you have been injured as a result of a doctor’s negligence or error, you need a medical malpractice attorney to ensure your rights are protected. Even if you are already being offered what seems like a reasonable settlement, you should talk to an attorney before agreeing to settle your case. Here’s why:

You don’t yet know the full extent of your injuries, and what the ultimate effect of these injuries will be. If you are being offered a settlement, it is likely your doctor has a sense that your injuries are likely worth more than the settlement, and is trying to head off future problems cheaply. A medical malpractice attorney can put you in touch with medical experts with experience assessing the outcome of medical errors so you will have a better idea of what your future holds as a result of this injury.

It’s not just about the money, there are many other reasons why filing a medical malpractice lawsuit is valuable. One reason to file or at least threaten to file a medical malpractice lawsuit is to get the truth about what happened. Doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies often offer settlements so they don’t have to answer hard questions about their practices, which may actually threaten other patients. You may not be the only victim, and there may be others who may have suffered injury but do not yet know they are victims of medical malpractice. A potential lawsuit can increase the visibility of the case and help bring other victims forward.

Talking to an attorney carries no obligation and has no cost, and should be a minimum step before taking any settlement or signing any documents related to a medical injury. Once you have heard what the attorney has to say about your case, you can decide whether you want to go further with your action.

For a free case evaluation of possible medical malpractice in New Jersey, please contact the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone, PC.

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