How to win a slip and fall case

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You would think a slip and fall case would be rather simple to prove. You slipped, fell and injured yourself. Obviously it was the property owner’s fall because it was their negligence that caused the accident. But you do have to prove that their negligence caused your slip and fall accident and you didn’t just fall down because of your own carelessness.

The Law Offices of Anthony Carbone, PC have been battling insurance companies over slip and fall cases for over 26 years. We know all the tricks insurance companies have to deny your slip and fall claim. In order to win your case, these are the steps you should take:

  1. Call us immediately after the accident. It’s best not to wait. The longer you wait, the less likely your case will be successful.
  2. Make sure you document everything. When the accident occurred, what you had been doing at the time, what injuries you sustained, and the conditions of the area.
  3. Get evidence. If you can find witnesses, that would be great. Photos and videos of the accident would be excellent.
  4. Prove responsibility. This may be the hardest step. But if you can say that you were visiting a property and you had slipped and fell because of something on that property that should have been taken care of by the owner, you have a pretty good chance at being successful.
  5. Have patience. You’re not going to win a case right away. It could take months or even years before your case even reaches a courtroom. But if you are patient and are willing to wait it out, then greater the reward.

Have you had a slip and fall accident? Then contact Jersey City slip and fall lawyer Anthony Carbone today. He will get you what you deserve. For more information on slip and fall cases, click here.

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