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Mishaps occur in the workplace, just as they do in other aspects of life. However, if an avoidable mistake in the workplace results in death or lifelong disability, such as explanation is not enough. State and federal laws strictly regulate the workplace environment, ensuring that workplaces should adhere to their own safety rules and procedures. 

However, property owners and managers interested in saving a few dollars tend to ignore these rules or devise mechanisms around them. Sometimes, workers don’t just adhere to them out of poor communication or carelessness. 

An experienced Jersey City personal injury attorney at the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone will hold the at-fault party liable for their actions. Contact the office at 201-829-3829 to discuss your case.

Why Do You Need A Work Injury Attorney For Your Workers’ Compensation Case?

Your employer probably has a legal connection to utilize during workers’ compensation claims. The team of Jersey City work injury attorneys will support you, battling against your employer in case they try diminishing or entirely dismissing your workers’ compensation claim.

Not unless you have the necessary legal experience, you don’t wish to go head-to-head with major insurers or their lawyers by yourself. Although not mandatory to hire one in the New Jersey civil courts, it’s essential to protect your rights in the best way possible. An experienced attorney will:

  •   Help you choose a physician.
  •   Handle the entire claim process.
  •   Negotiate for a better settlement.
  •   Take your case to trial.
  •   Ensure you receive maximum compensation.

When Should You Hire An Attorney For Your Workers’ Compensation Case?

You should hire a work accident lawyer for a workers’ compensation case in New Jersey for various reasons. For instance, if you have sustained severe injuries, you missed some days of work because of the injuries, you have pre-existing injuries that might impact your claim, your employer denies that the injuries you sustained occurred in the workplace, or the insurance company is denying your claim. 

Such complications can be hard to work through by yourself. Instead of risking losing your right to recovery forever, discuss your case with an experienced attorney to determine how legal representation may alter the outcome. Anything that makes your workers’ compensation case non-standard is a reason to contact an attorney. 

These include very small settlements, claim denials, and perpetual disabilities because of sustained injuries or a problem such as retaliation for filing a claim.

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Reach out to an attorney if a third party’s misconduct or negligence resulted in your injuries. It can offer you a basis for a third-party personal injury claim, which may offer you a higher compensation than the workers’ compensation alone.

Regardless of how complex or tough your workers’ compensation case is, a lawyer can help you attain excellent results. Hiring a work injury attorney can instantly relieve you of the burden of settlement negotiations. Instead, you can focus on healing and spending quality time with your family as your attorney handles all the legal matters.

With the help of the experienced work injury attorneys at the Law Offices Of Anthony Carbone, you may realize you have the chance for better compensation through legal action. Schedule a free consultation today.

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