Why was my workers’ compensation claim denied?

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The world of filing workers’ compensation claims can be a confusing and crazy place. Without the help of an experienced attorney, like Jersey City workers’ compensation lawyer Anthony Carbone, you can easily get lost or have your claim rejected.

Here are some reasons why your claim wasn’t accepted:

  • There was no witnesses to your injury and your story seems to keep changing. If you get hurt at work, make sure you report it to your employer as soon as possible because…
  • You didn’t report your injury immediately and too much time has passed. You never know how serious your injury really is until later. It’s best to let someone know as soon as possible that you were injured, even if it’s a minor injury. Because that innocent bump on the head could turn out to be a concussion later on.
  • Your accident report isn’t adding up to your medical records. For instance, your report says that you fell down the stairs and broke your hip. However, the doctor’s report says you twisted your ankle. Something isn’t right there.
  • You had drugs in your system after the accident.
  • You filed the claim after you were laid off.
  • You refuse to give a statement to the insurance company.

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