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Even after taking all the necessary steps to file your Worker’s compensation claim, there are still those times that your claim will be denied. In most cases, the reason for this is filing your lawsuit too late, or even your injury might not be severe enough to file for a claim. Typically, your employer is disputing the claim for being the ‘wrongful’ party. For such instances, you’ll need the services of a North Bergen Personal Injury Attorney. To schedule a consultation, call the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone today or book online.

What Is the Significance of A Personal Injury Attorney?

         The fact is that most insurance companies and employers will try all to avoid settling your claim. They state that if your accident did not occur at the workplace or they are not liable for your personal injury. So, even if you did undergo surgery for your work-related injury or seek medical attention after that, whatever the cause, you might be stuck with medical expenses and unsure of what to do after. To access their services, reach out to the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone.

What Are The Steps To Take After Your Claim Is Denied?

         So, what are the steps to take after your suit is denied? The first thing to do is contact the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone. The practice has been serving clients in Jersey City and the neighboring communities for nearly three decades. More than a hundred workers are helped seek settlement for their Worker’s compensation by the personal injury lawyer annually.

         Once you contact the Law Chambers of Anthony Carbone, you should expect the following to happen:

  • Anthony Carbone and the team will try contacting your employer or worker-compensation insurance company to discuss why your claim was denied. At times, you might realize that you only lacked the correct paperwork.
  • Once you determine what the reason was for your denial and evaluate your options, your personal injury lawyer will commence your appeal.
  • During your appeal hearing, you will be requested to present documents of all the medical information and related evidence, i.e., photographs, to support your claim.

Keep A Close Eye On Deadlines!

   Always remember to monitor the time limits closely; it’s crucial. And also, bear in mind that to submit any lawsuit in New Jersey, it’s recommended that you consult a skilled worker’s compensation attorney to ensure denial is not in the future.

Typically, the New Jersey state’s statute of limitations on personal injury claims such as product liability, medical malpractice, and wrongful death is two years. Even though it may sound like there’s plenty of time, there is a reason that you should move swiftly to speaking to a personal injury lawyer in New Jersey.

Suppose you reside in Bayonne, Newark, New Jersey, or any neighboring communities and are looking for a skilled and experienced personal injury lawyer. In that case, you should contact the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone today, through mobile (201-733-2230), or schedule that consultation online.

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