Working With Your Domestic Violence Attorney: What You Should Know

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domestic violence attorney anthony carboneYou finally got free of your abuser. You took your children and left for a safe place. But he knows where you are and has made several attempts to get you back. You’re scared and confused. You decide it’s time to hire an attorney. But how can a domestic violence attorney help you? And what do they need from you to protect you and your children?

It’s a sad situation when domestic violence threatens the happiness of a family. You’re going to need help in obtaining a restraining order and getting free of your abuser once and for all. The best way to protect you and your children is to get an experienced lawyer who knows New Jerseys laws pertaining to domestic violence. But in order for your lawyer to help you, you need to work with him so you have the best result in your domestic violence case.

When you first meet with your domestic violence attorney, you should bring all the necessary paperwork relating to your case this can include:

  • Dates, locations, and types of abuse
  • Any police reports about abuse incidents
  • Any witnesses of the abuse
  • Photos or other types of evidence of the abuse
  • Any medical records if you sought medical attention

These will give your attorney a better understanding of what your case involves and your best options going forward.

But remember, it’s important that your attorney gives you the attention that you need. Make sure you know the specifics of what your lawyer plans to do, how custody will be handled, and how you can obtain a restraining order aginst your abuser. It’s important to know your options and how the law can protect you in the future.

If you are considering a domestic violence lawsuit and are in need of an attorney, let us help you with your case. Contact the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone today for a free consultation.

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