You’re being watched! Is that legal?

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hidden security cameras legal anthony carboneBe careful – someone could be watching you right now.

With such advances in technology, many of us may utilize security cameras in our homes. Just do a quick search on Google and you can find DIY home security systems where you can set up a camera and watch the action on your favorite electronic device. But what if someone else decides to put in a camera in your home? Is that legal?

You wouldn’t think that these cameras are legal, but they are in certain situations. Here’s an example of when a hidden security camera can be legal:

Your brother just separated his wife and has custody of the child they share. Although they are no longer together, your brother has yet to remove his wife’s name from the deed to the house and she still has property in the home that she has yet to pick up. One day, as your brother is deciding what to wear, he notices a hole in the ceiling of the closet. Upon investigating the hole, he notices a camera lens is staring right back at him. His ex had installed a hidden camera in their home!

This definitely sounds like a case of invasion of privacy. But would you believe that this scenario is actually legal? Because the ex-wife’s name is still on the deed, she is still considered an owner of the home. And despite the relationship status, since she is the mother of the child, she can always argue that she was in fear of the child’s safety.

According to the law, surveillance is meant to help property owners protect their property in addition to those people who are on the property. So a hidden camera is legal, but you should let people know about it ahead of time.

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