7 Reasons You Need to Stop Your Vehicle

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why stop traffic violations anthony carboneEveryone knows that there are reasons to stop your vehicle.   Maybe you already remember everything you learned in driver’s education class.    However, it’s important to avoid both traffic tickets and car accidents.

One of our clients is boasted that she never received a traffic violation.  However, she failed to stop her car and got her first ticket.   She learned her lesson for the future.  So, what are the reasons for stopping your vehicle?

1. Stop Signs – Obviously, everyone knows they need to stop their vehicle when they see a stop sign.  In case there’s any confusion about the requirements, you can take a look at the law about stopping at intersections governed by stop signs.  This same statute will provide you with how to react to signs telling you to yield.

2. Traffic Signals- Here’s another law that is recognized by most drivers.  Red means stop.  This all matters if you see no signs prohibiting making a right turn on red.  You are still obligated to stop before you turn.

3. School Buses – Are you familiar when you need to stop for a school bus?  NJSA 39:4-128.1  provides the complete details.  Of course, flashing red lights and the extended stop sign are the first clues.  Don’t go into motion until the school bus driver has put out the red lights.  Make sure you are least 25 feet away from the stopped school bus.

4. Emergency Vehicles – The law states that you have an obligation to pull over for emergency vehicles.  You also need to stop and stay in position until the emergency vehicle has passed.

5. Police Intervention – Whether you are pulled over by a policeman or receive a hand signal from one, you are obligated to stop your vehicle.

6. School Crossing Guards- When a school crossing guard puts up the sign signaling you to stop, make sure you do so.  Otherwise, you’re in for a ticket.

7. Pedestrians – You don’t need the encouragement of a crossing guard or a police officer when it comes to pedestrians.  In New Jersey, pedestrians have the right of way.  Make sure to stop for them.

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