Jersey City, NJ Accident victims find RSD Syndrome erupts after accident

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RSD Syndrome Accident Victims Anthony CarboneIt is no secret that any type of accident can change lives in a second.  One of the most frustrating events is when pre-existing injuries are actually exacerbated as a result of trauma.  Some accident victims find that RSD syndrome erupts after pre-existing injuries become aggravated.

What is RSD Syndrome?

Medicine is filled with a plethora of acronyms representing a combination of terms.  In this case, RSD stands for “reflex sympathetic dystrophy.”   This condition is also referred to as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.  There are some other nicknames for this disorder, including “shoulder-hand syndrome.”  For most, it is a debilitating ailment, often triggered by injury.  Fortunately, RSD syndrome is not a common occurrence.

Those who suffer from RSD syndrome are plagued with almost daily extreme pain.  This is because the sympathetic nervous system starts acting out of character, resulting in chronic pain.  The areas affected are usually in the extremities.  Sufferers describe a burning sensation in their arms, legs, hands and shoulders.  The affected areas may swell and actually feel warm when touched.  Individuals diagnosed with RSD syndrome report that they constantly ache in the affected areas.  A person who suffers from RSD most likely startles at a simple hug or a handshake.  The pain is intolerable.

RSD Syndrome and Trauma

It is well established that RSD Syndrome can erupt as a result of injuries sustained in a traumatic accident.  Unfortunately, some RSD Syndrome victims are accused of exaggerating their pain levels.  This is because their initial injuries may appear limited and unresponsive to diagnostic testing.  Although the pain might inflated, it is very real to the sufferer.  RSD Syndrome may not appear instantaneously after a traumatic accident.  Instead, it may take a course of months to develop.  Unfortunately, there may be a delay in diagnosis.

It is unknown what can trigger RSD Syndrome in one person and not another.  It may occur as a result of a workers’ compensation occupational claim for carpal tunnel syndrome.  Other victims of car crashes and slip and fall accidents have fallen victim to this disorder.

How We Can Help

Obviously, at the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone, our focus is on the legal aspects of your accident case.  However, we consider it our obligation to understand our clients’ medical issues.  We work with your doctors to secure medical reports regarding your condition.  If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with RSD syndrome related to any type of accident, we would like to help you.  Please call our office to set up an appointment.

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