Jersey City, NJ Accidental Injuries, Part 4: It’s Your Aching Back

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back injuries accidential injuries anthony carboneIt’s the last of our series on accidental injuries.  The aching back.  To many, back pain is debilitating.  Unfortunately, many types of back injuries happen as a result of accidents.  Regrettably, countless back problems result in permanent damage.

We’re sure you’re already familiar with the circumstances that can cause back injuries.  An individual can pick up something heavy at work and feel instant pain.  Another person may fall flat on their back while walking in a shopping center.  Car accidents can cause back injuries.  You name it.  Back pain is often a common result of accidental injuries.

Back Injuries and Accident Claims

As experienced personal injury attorneys, we see a great number of clients who have some type of back injury.  First, let’s make sure you understand the anatomy of the back.

When medical providers reference back injuries, they are talking about four basic areas of the spine.  The thoracic spine covers the twelve vertebrae between the neck and the lower back.  The lower back is referred to as the lumbar spine and consists of five vertebrae.

You may also hear doctors say that your injury involves the sacrum, which is located just below the lumbar region.  The sacrum is above the coccyx, affectionately known as the tailbone.

Consider the foregoing a geography lesson of your back.  It will help you understand how your doctor relates your diagnosis to the region of the back injured in an accident.

  • Back Sprain or Strain: You may have heard the term soft tissue injury.  Back sprains and strains fall into this category.  If you’ve twisted or pulled a muscle or a tendon in a part of your back, you will receive this type of diagnosis.
  • Herniated Discs: We spoke about herniated discs in part three of our series on accidental injuries. Discs are protective cushions within the spine. If one protrudes or breaks off, it can cause excruciating pain.  Some herniated discs may require surgery.  If you experience pain shooting down your leg, you may have a herniated disc in your back.
  • Back Fractures: You may hear a back fracture called a broken back. It is otherwise known as a spinal cord injury.  This is considered a catastrophic injury as it can result in paraplegia.

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