What You Should Do After Being Bit By a Stranger’s Dog

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dog bites in new jersey anthony carboneWhen we think of dogs, we think of the loyal “man’s best friend,” with a wagging tail and a slobbering kiss. But in reality, not all dogs are friendly. In fact, if you encounter one, you may be surprised that the animal is ready to attack you for getting to close to its territory.

For instance, let’s say you are taking your dog out for an evening walk. While walking past a neighbor’s house, a dog comes rushing out of the house and through the gate, which happens to be open. The dog first goes after your dog but as you try to pull it off, it begins to attack you. Your neighbor finally comes out to get his/her dog and you’re able to escape. Both you and your dog are injured. What should your next steps be?

In a severe case such as this one, the first thing you should do is seek medical attention for you and your dog immediately. Even if the wound isn’t that severe, a dog bite can cause infection or even death if the animal was suffering from a disease. Once you and your dog receive treatment, then you may want to talk to an attorney.

When it comes to a dog bite case, the most important thing to determine is the identity of the owner. New Jersey is a “strict liability” state – this means that an owner is liable of an animal bite, regardless of the owner’s actions. So even if the owner believed that the dog was the most friendly dog in the world, one bite and the owner is legally responsible for your injuries.

What may be at question in this case is whether the owner knew that the dog had “dangerous propensities” i.e. the animal was dangerous and could cause injury. This can be hard to prove, especially if the neighbor claims dog had never bitten anyone before. That’s why it’s best to retain a lawyer in this situation.

If you received a dog bite that required medical attention, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone today for a free consultation.


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