Can my driving history be an issue after a car accident?

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You have a long history of bad driving. When you were younger and more reckless, it seemed like you had a car accident at least once a year. However, you’ve cleaned up your act and you’ve become a responsible driver. However, on your way to work, you stop at red light and another car hits you from behind. You injure your neck. Although you are not at fault for this car accident, but you still worry: Will my driving history affect the outcome of the accident?

Although the insurance company will definitely be looking into your past driving record, in New Jersey your car accident history should have nothing to do with any compensation you are expected to receive due to this accident. But be aware — the insurance company may use your past against you. There are records of any claims you have made in the past and your insurance could try to use this information against you. If this happens, make sure you contact The Law Offices of Anthony Carbone, PC. We know all the little tricks the insurance companies play.

Remember during your free consultation, that you let us know of any past claims that you may have made. And this information should include any child support, bankruptcies, divorces, anything that was a legal matter. This way, we will be able to fight for you more effectively and you will have a greater chance for a successful outcome.

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