Common Causes of Truck Accidents on I-80 in New Jersey

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The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) estimates that approximately 160,000 people are injured in large truck accidents nationwide each year. With Interstate 80 running directly through the region, North Jersey sees more than its fair share of eighteen-wheelers. Indeed, large commercial trucks are an ever-present sight on I-80. Unfortunately, crashes remain a significant safety problem in our region. Here, our New Jersey truck accident attorney highlights some of the most common causes of tractor-trailer crashes on I-80 in New Jersey.  

Causes of Commercial Truck Accidents on I-80

Speeding By Truckers

Truckers must comply with the speed limit on Interstate 80. Although traffic jams are common, the traffic on I-80 can move very quickly. Truck drivers speeding to meet tight delivery windows can be a serious safety hazard. Speeding truckers cause many accidents. 

Distracted Driving

Operating a large commercial truck requires full focus on the road, A distracted trucker is a dangerous trucker. Unfortunately, distracted driving by truckers is a problem in North Jersey. It contributes to serious accidents. 

Fatigued Driving

There are federal regulations in place that limit the amount of time a trucker can spend behind the wheel. These safety rules are designed to address the problem of fatigued driving. A fatigued trucker is at a far higher risk of being involved in a serious accident. 

Undertrained Truck Drivers

A truck company has a duty to ensure that its drivers are qualified. They need to be properly trained to operate a large vehicle in a safe manner. Undertrained and inexperienced truck drivers are at higher risk of being involved in a serious accident. 

Unsafe Lane Changes

Truckers must take the highest level of care when changing lanes on I-80. An unsafe lane change or an improper merge could cause a catastrophic accident on the fast-moving and busy highway. 

Tire Blowouts

Truck drivers and truck companies must ensure that the tires are safe. A truck with overly worn-out tires could see a catastrophic failure, potentially even a tire blowout. Tire failures contribute to a significant number of commercial truck accidents. 

Poorly Loaded Trailers

A trailer needs to be properly loaded and well-balanced. A trailer that is overloaded or poorly loaded can cause an accident. A poorly loaded trailer can make it difficult for a truck to stay in one lane. Further, they can make it hard for a trucker to stop their vehicle safely. 

Inadequate Pre-Trip/Post-Trip Inspections and Maintenance 

Truckers and truck companies have a legal duty to ensure that the truck is roadworthy. Comprehensive pre-trip and post-trip safety inspections are a must. Poor maintenance can contribute to serious truck accidents. 

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