How damages from a rear end collision is determined

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The bad weather is the cause of many accidents lately. Just recently, ice storms in the south have impeded travel for many. And let’s not mention what happened just outside of Philadelphia last Friday. Let’s say you were in that accident. You were driving safely but hit a patch of black ice. You were able to stop before hitting the guy in front of you, but unfortunately the guy behind you was not as lucky. He rear ends you, causing major damage to your car and injuring your back in the process. You go to the hospital and causing you to miss work for a brief amount of time. You file a claim with the insurance company and finally receive a check. But the amount is much lower than you thought it would be. How does insurance companies calculate damages?

First, if this happens to you, call Jersey City personal injury lawyer Anthony Carbone today. He will fight for your rights. The insurance company assess damages to your car through three different calculations:

  1. Special damages are considered. This means the insurance company will take the value of the damage claim which include any medical bills or financial losses you received after the accident.
  2. Loss of income is calculated. So If you had to miss work because of your accident, the insurance company will take into account what you would have earned at that time.
  3. Any non-economic damage is calculated. This includes pain and suffering and any general damages.

Confusing? It can be because it’s hard to put a numerical figure on any damages that include pain and suffering. That’s why before even speaking to an insurance company, you should talk with The Law Offices of Anthony Carbone, PC. We know how the insurance companies work and we’ll make sure you get a fair value for your accident. For more information on car accidents, click here.

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