Dealing with a Traumatic Brain Injury

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traumatic-brain-injury-attorneyAny injury sustained in an accident can mark a life-changing event.  However, there is no debate that a traumatic brain injury is among the worst consequences.  Often a blow to the head can be fatal.  Otherwise it may represent a continual battle with the unknown.  Many who suffer traumatic brain injuries live in fear, coupled with different degrees of disabilities.

According to the New Jersey Commission on Brain Injury Research, 12,000 to 15,000 residents have some type of accident each year that results in a brain injury.  Approximately 1,000 of those injuries will result in death.  The Brain Injury Alliance of New Jersey finds brain injury to be a leading cause of death and disability in young people.

Accidents involving head wounds can all result in traumatic brain injuries.  Bicyclists and motorcyclists are all encouraged to wear helmets to avoid them.  However, brain injuries are not only related to vehicular accidents.  They can occur from fall down mishaps.  This is more common in the aging population who are more subject to losing their balance.

The extent that traumatic brain injury affects an individual is variable.  For some, it may bring on an epileptic seizure disorder.  For others, it may mean a loss of one of the five senses.  It can also result in cognitive difficulties in learning and comprehension.  It may even bring on early onset of dementia and other diseases. Head wounds are also known to cause personality changes and functional deficits.  A traumatic brain injury often requires constant monitoring and safeguards.

Traumatic brain injury cases are unique and require an attorney who specializes in personal injury law.  There are many resources and benefits available to people with disabilities arising from this type of injury.  If you are or a loved one suffers from this type of injury, it is important to seek legal counsel.  There may be monetary damages available if the injury was related to another party’s wrongdoing.

The Law Offices of Anthony Carbone, PC evaluates these types of cases at no charge to its clients.  Even if you are uncertain if someone else is responsible for the injury, it is important to secure a legal perspective.  Schedule an appointment to speak with Attorney Carbone by calling 201 963-6000.

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