Does your employer have a domestic violence policy in place?

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domestic-violence-businesses-njThe Ray Rice story has been reverberating throughout the news for the past few days. However the questions have changed. Instead of looking at Rice as an offender and abuser, all eyes have turned to the NFL. How much did the organization really know? Why did it take the presence of a graphic video for the NFL to act more harshly?

When news first broke about Ray Rice, the NFL made the decision to suspend the former Ravens player to only two games. When pressure mounted, it increased the punishment to six games. Then, the video was released and that’s when Rice was officially expelled from the sport. But did the NFL really need video evidence of the crime?

Many businesses can learn from the NFL’s mistakes. Domestic violence is a serious crime in this country. But how many businesses can say they have a policy in place to handle such a situation? As we have discussed previously, domestic violence can follow you into the workplace. But what kind of policies are in place for someone who has been convicted of a domestic violence crime? Surely, if you committed a crime, you could lose your job.  Well, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, only 12 percent of businesses have a policy or program in place that deals with domestic violence. That’s too low of a statistic, especially since a woman is abused every 15 seconds in the U.S.

According to recent reports, the NFL is now creating a new domestic violence policy that includes strict consequences for abusers as well as provide training for players to prevent abuse in the future. Hopefully, other businesses will follow suit.

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