Five helpful tips for your personal injury claim

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five tips to your personal injury claim anthony carboneHave you been injured due to another party’s negligence?  Were you hurt at work?  Perhaps it seems enough to seek legal counsel and leave the rest to your lawyers.  In reality, you play a role in the pursuit of damages and compensation for your injuries.  Learn from these five helpful tips for your personal injury claim.

1. Seek Legal Counsel as soon as Possible

We all like to procrastinate to a certain extent.  Unquestionably, physical and emotional distress appear to be valid reasons for dawdling about the pursuit of an injury claim.  However, there are instances when your matter may be dismissed because of your delay.  Consider the following examples:

  • Statute of Limitations: We previously wrote about time requirements for filing personal injury and workers’ compensation action. Take a look at this article for further information.
  • Claims against Public Entities: In order to file a claim against a public entity such as a government agency, litigants must file appropriate notices.  Your attorney can protect your rights if you consult them on a timely basis.
  • Investigation Concerns: One of a law firm’s greatest frustrations is attempting investigation long after the accident.  Although it is certainly feasible, it is much better to obtain witness statements, etc. when the information is fresh.

2. Communicate with your Attorney

As attorneys that regularly practice personal injury law, our efforts are sometimes thwarted by clients that fail to keep in touch with us.  Make sure you advise counsel of any change in address.  We are constantly amazed at the number of individuals who we cannot contact about receipt of their settlement checks because they failed to advise us they relocated.

Do not ignore letters from your lawyers. If the law firm is asking for information, it is crucial to your case.  It may pertain to the investigation or discovery requests.  It could also mean there I a settlement offer tendered.

3. Document the Accident

Document the accident as much as possible.  File the applicable reports.  Take photographs of the accident scene and property damage. Also include pictures of any scarring and other visible physical injuries. Save any proposed evidence.

4. Be Wary

We have warned you before.  Not everyone has your best intentions in mind.  If you discuss your case with others, they may become witnesses against you.  The insurance company may even set up surveillance to track your actions.

5. Be Reasonable

Although you may think your back sprain entitles you to a million dollar verdict, this may not be the case.  At the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone, we have extensive experience in the value of personal injury matters.  If we recommend a settlement, it is based on our knowledge of the law and damages.

We think experience and recommendations are good indicators of choosing legal representation.  We invite you to use available resources to select a personal injury attorney.  Contact us to see if we can work together to achieve damages on your behalf. 

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