Is the Insurance Company Watching You?

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insurance company watching over you anthony carboneYou may think you are paranoid or living the lyrics of that pop song that proclaims “Somebody’s watching me.” Your gut reaction may actually be a good one. Is the insurance company watching you? If you are making a personal injury claim, there is a strong possibility that this is the case.

Why do Insurance Companies Surveil Individuals?

Your first thought might be that insurance surveillance represents an intrusion and may be considered a form of stalker behavior. Unfortunately, the insurance industry is plagued with fraudulent claims. In order to ensure the validity of actions that require compensation, some carriers will retain private investigators to keep tabs on claimants. Of course, the size of the claim dictates the economic feasibility of setting up surveillance.

Video surveillance is among the most commonly used tools in determining the legitimacy of an insurance claim. Imagine the impact of catching someone carrying out monstrous furniture subsequent to allegations of severe back injury. As attorneys practicing personal injury law for more than two decades, we are always concerned when confronted with this type of evidence.

Still photographs are another media used to capture injured claimants in action. Although they may not paint the same picture, photos often document activities that appear too stressful for a party who has experienced personal injury.

We also note that insurance companies actively monitor social media posts. There are ethical guidelines that prohibit insurance adjusters or their delegates to randomly befriend you on such services as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. However, many individuals do not properly set up their privacy settings. Read one of our prior articles on this subject.

What Should You Do?

As a law firm that advocates for personal injury clients, we believe that our clients have experienced the injuries documented by their doctors. However, we offer the following suggestions concerning the potential for insurance surveillance.

  • Assume that the insurance company has employed someone to watch you. Although we have mentioned that most carriers reserve surveillance for their larger claims, there is the chance that your claims has been deemed suspect.  Consider how your actions look to an outsider. This includes both your physical activity and social media posts.
  • Limit who you talk to about your accident. Not everyone is your friend. Sadly, some may even be jealous that your claim may be compensable. Even your closest associates may be apt to provide statements that negate your claim.
  • If you are approached to give a statement concerning your accident, refer the prospective interviewer to your attorney. At the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone, we may allow statements to expedite a claim. However, we are always present during these types of discussions.

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Insurance surveillance may be instituted as a result of a work-related accident. Whether you have a workers’ compensation claim or a personal action, you should seek legal advice. We provide decades of experience to injured individuals. Contact us for a free consultation.

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