Who gets the house in a divorce?

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If you’re going through a divorce, there’s so much you have to take into account. It’s not just a clean division; you have to split a life you shared with someone in two. There’s child custody and support to consider. Alimony may have to be paid out. And of course, there’s the stuff. Who gets what, does this person want this, and what happens if you both want the same thing? And let’s not forget about the house.

Real estate is generally considered the largest problem in the divorce.  How do you split a house, after all? It might be easier to just sell it and split the profit, you would think. Well, not so fast. It is possible that you or your spouse are exempt from getting a full piece of the property. Many factors are taken into account when dividing a house, such as:

  • The date you were married
  • The date of purchase
  • The amount of money used in the down payment
  • And who has been paying the mortgage payments

And if the house was left to your spouse and not to you, expect to get nothing.

Sounds tricky? It is. That’s why you should contact Essex County divorce lawyer Anthony Carbone. We’ll solve all your divorce problems. For more information on selling a home during a divorce, click here.

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