What happens when you report safety violations at work?

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safety-violations-workers-compensationIn recent news, OSHA has fined Anheuser-Busch more than $162,000 for safety violations at its Jersey City distribution warehouse. According to the agency, the alcoholic beverage company had failed to provide proper training, working equipment and safe exit routes. OSHA had found that two “willful” and eight “serious” safety violations at the warehouse, which put employees in serious risk of injury.

This story brings up a valid question: What should you do if you notice safety violations at work? Let’s say you’ve just been hired as a warehouse worker. While on the job, you see an issue that could endanger fellow workers. You fear telling someone may risk your job. But, at the same time, you fear for your safety. What should you do?

Even if the violation is minor, you should always report any safety violations to OSHA before anyone gets hurt. If you’re afraid of losing your job, don’t be. OSHA’s Whistleblower Protection Program protects workers who report violations from losing their jobs or any other retaliation action.

But what if you get injured by a safety violation? Will this affect your workers’ compensation claim? If you are injured on the job and the reason was a safety issue, this will not impact your workers’ compensation. The difference is who is responsible for your injuries. Instead of your employer, it may be the owner of the building who failed to provide a safe environment.

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