Hoverboards Raise Safety Concerns

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Did you give someone a hoverboard as a holiday gift?  Whether the recipient was a child or an adult, be aware that hoverboards raise safety concerns.  Apparently, hoverboards have been deemed so dangerous that they are illegal in nearby New York City.  According to a news article, users can be slapped with a $200 fine for using them in the streets of the Big Apple.

What is a Hoverboard?

What do you know about this latest fad gadget?  Cnet.com is a recognized authority on consumer products and offers a description and advice concerning their purchase.   They describe a hoverboard as a “self-balancing scooter board”.    The boards are battery operated, with wheels that glide across the pavement.  They are the latest version of a “cool” means of transportation.

Battery Issues

One of the greatest problem with hoverboards starts with the battery.  Popular Science reports  that some hoverboards contain faulty batteries that can explode.  Just a few days ago, the New Jersey news  ran a story on a hoverboard that caused a fire in Lacey Township.  The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is investigating the problem.  Fortunately, no one was injured in the fire and the homeowner was able to extinguish the fire without significant property damages.

Hoverboard Injuries

It should come as no surprise that hoverboard accidents can cause serious injuries.  According to published reports, there were at least 70 hoverboard accident victims who made it to the emergency room in the last few days.  Some were related to fall down accidents.  Others entailed collisions.  A crash on a hoverboard can be dangerous as the momentum throws the victim forward or backwards.

Retailers Accepting Returns

Many hoverboards have been purchased on Amazon and from other retail outlets.  In fact, Amazon has taken the matter so seriously that they are instructing consumers to dispose of the potentially dangerous hoverboards.  They are issuing full refunds in return.

Laws Regarding Hoverboards

We have already advised you that hoverboards are illegal in New York City.  The same is true for the United Kingdom.   Airlines will not allow you to transport a hoverboard, as they are afraid they will explode.  At least one New Jersey community has outlawed hoverboards on public roadways.  They consider them motorized scooters, which are already illegal on highways and other roads.

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