How safe is a ride in a ridesharing vehicle?

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ridesharing-under-siege-anthony-carboneIt’s the newest and greatest thing out there today: Uber. You may have heard about this ridesharing program but not know much about it. The service is similar to taking a taxi cab or a limousine – using an app on your phone, you can request a car to pick you up and take you anywhere you wish to go for a fee. You can pay for the car ride using the same app and it’s that simple. The difference between ridesharing programs like Uber and taxi cabs is not only the fee a lot cheaper (between $5 and $10 a ride), but anyone can drive an Uber vehicle. And this can cause a serious problem.

Recently, the state of New Jersey has joined with 14 other states including the District of Columbia to issue warnings on ridesharing programs. According to the states, if you get into an accident while riding in an Uber vehicle, you may have some trouble with the insurance. Since these ridesharing programs use personal vehicles to drive passengers to and fro, the drivers may not have the adequate insurance needed to cover passengers if they get into an accident. Plus, taxi and limo drivers must go through background checks and have insurance before hitting the road. With Uber drivers, none of that is necessary.

In an effort to crack down on ridesharing programs, states such as California, Colorado, and Illinois have created bills that place necessary restrictions on ridesharing programs. New Jersey has two bills going through legislation now that will enforce the same insurance regulations on Uber vehicles as that on taxis and limos. Uber is currently fighting this bill, saying if these regulations pass, then the service will come to an end in New Jersey.

Before stepping into a ridesharing vehicle, remember that you are sacrificing your safety for a cheap ride. And if you do get into a car accident, contact the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone for a free consultation.

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