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Hudson County Uber Accident LawyerIn recent times, Uber has risen to become an accessible mode of transport for many individuals. With this rise, there has been a surge in the number of cases and legal concerns that arise from accidents.  This famous ridesharing company has come under scrutiny in recent times. It has been engaged in legal battles with customers who have been hurt while in the Uber.

Such lawsuits are handled much differently from the traditional car accident cases, and as such, you may require an experienced lawyer to help you out. In any case, selecting a good lawyer comes in handy if you want to win the case and protection of your rights. Our Hudson County Uber Accident Lawyer from the Law Offices of Antony Carbone will help you out in seeking a fair trial and accessing justice that comes with compensation.

Why Go for an Uber Accident Lawyer?

As stated above, such cases tend to be complicated and require particular expertise. Many times, you may be denied your right to compensation because of a simple reason like buckling-up. Though it is not illegal to ride in the back seat when not buckled up, it is always safe. In many cases, the buckle up argument has been used to prevent people who have been injured in Uber accidents from gaining compensation. At the Law Offices of Antony Carbone, your right to fair compensation will be protected and guaranteed. Uber accident cases tend to range from:

  • An Uber ride is hitting you while riding in another vehicle.
  • A different car is hitting the Uber ride that you are riding in.
  • An Uber ride strikes you while you are cycling or walking.

Such scenarios present different situations that may have more than one party responsible for your injury.  In a case where your Uber ride hits another vehicle, both drivers may be partially to blame, and you may have the right to sue both drivers for any personal injury accrued from the accident. However, you will not note this unless you use an excellent Uber accident attorney.

Hudson County Uber Accident LawyerWhy Get a Hudson County Uber Accident Lawyer?

Attorneys from these law firms come with the necessary expertise and skill and assure you that you will get fair compensation if you are involved in an Uber accident. This wide range in experience has won cases and enabled clients to get payments for losses ranging from:

  • Pain and suffering.
  • Psychological pain and torture.
  • Economic losses lost wages.
  • Lost support and consortium.
  • You are assured that your rights will not be violated.

The critical point that you should note is that you should always maintain your silence after the accident. Avoid any unnecessary confrontation. The accused party can easily use your words against you in court. Another critical thing to note is not to accept any initial insurance company offer regardless of the circumstance and how lucrative the deal seems. It is essential that you first consult with your lawyer; they will help you understand your full rights and interests in an injury. 

When you need any legal representation in handling an Uber accident claim, call the Law Offices of Antony Carbone and be assured of proper and fair representation.

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