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Work-related illnesses and injuries can have debilitating effects. They can affect your physical, psychological, and emotional well-being. They could threaten your financial future and that of your loved ones, which may cause untold pain and suffering.

At the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone, we help victims of job-related accidents get compensation for their misery. We are dedicated to seeking financial benefits to cover medical costs, lost wages, or permanent disability.

Have you been injured while on the job? Has your doctor diagnosed you with an occupational illness? If so, contact a Hudson County Workers’ Compensation Attorney to discuss your case.

 What Should You Do If You Get Hurt on the Job?

Following an accident in the workplace, your health is of utmost importance. Find out from your employer which medical experts you can see. This is a requirement under New Jersey’s workers’ compensation law where the situation is not an emergency, and you wish to benefit from the insurance.

Next, seek medical treatment immediately, even if you have no apparent symptoms or injuries. It is also critical that you inform your employer of the accident as soon as possible. You could do this either in person or in writing. While most organizations have an internal deadline, make sure you do it within 90 days of your accident.

What Benefits Are You Entitled To?

Workers’ compensation benefits are designed to cover medical expenses, lost wages, and death. That said, the benefits available to an injured worker depend on the severity and nature of the damage. Typically, a Hudson County Workers’ Compensation Attorney can get you benefits such as:

  • Medical benefits that cover present and future medical expenses, including medication prescriptions, physical therapy, surgery, hospital stays, and rehabilitation.
  • Temporary disability benefits for when a worker is unable to work for more than seven days. This benefit covers around 70 percent of the worker’s wages and is not subject to taxes.
  • Permanent disability benefits to cover injuries that prevent a worker’s resumption to work. They may be partial or total depending on the severity of the injury or illness. Permanent total disability benefits are paid weekly.

Should a worker die due to an occupational illness or work-related injury, eligible dependents may receive death benefits. These benefits are paid weekly at 70 percent of the deceased employee’s wage.

Victims can also bring a workers’ compensation lawsuit against a third-party. This can include property owners, vendors, suppliers, manufacturers, motorists, or subcontractors.

Do You Need to Prove Negligence for a Workers’ Compensation Claim?

Workers’ compensation is considered a no-fault program in New Jersey. This means that all injured employees are eligible for payment regardless of who was at fault. However, your claim can be denied if you caused the injuries intentionally or were intoxicated during the accident.

Talk to a Hudson County Workers’ Compensation Attorney

If you or someone you care about has been hurt while at work, the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone are ready to represent your rights. We will provide top-notch legal services for the best outcome.

Attorney Anthony Carbone is an elite Hudson County Workers’ Compensation Attorney who will also help you understand all your legal options and how to pursue them.

While we cannot erase the lasting effects of work-related illnesses or injuries, we can work tirelessly to help you rebuild your life. Feel free to contact us at 201-733-2230. We look forward to representing you.

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