The Impact of Accruing Traffic Points on Your Driving Record

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impact-of-traffic-points-on-your-recordWhen you are a student, your bad grades are memorialized to a report card.  Similarly, there is an impact of accruing traffic points.  New Jersey’s Motor Vehicle Commission keeps a record of traffic points.  Just as there are penalties for doing poorly in school, a bad driving record has consequences.

Traffic points are only issued for moving violations.  This means that you will not be assessed points for forgetting to put money in the parking meter.  There is one exception to the moving violation rule.  Red light cameras record drivers in vehicles as they cross through intersections.  However, there are no traffic points assessed with these actions.  It would be impossible to determine the identity of the person driving the car.  Therefore, red light tickets become the responsibility of the vehicle owner.

The impact of accruing traffic points can be severe.  For one, there are costs associated with moving violations.  These can include fines and surcharges.  These surcharges can come from the state as well as your personal insurance company.  Your insurance carrier may even increase your rates or elect not to reinsure you when it is time to renew your policy.

Your license itself can be at risk if you accrue enough traffic points.  In New Jersey, your license will be suspended if you receive 12 or more points.  Obviously, this will cause severe inconvenience and may impact your livelihood.  In addition, there are even more costs associated with restoring a suspended license.

It can take only a couple of tickets to reach the 12-point threshold.  Leaving the scene of an accident with personal injury carries the most points.  It is an 8-point violation.  Add a speeding ticket in the same accident and your license is subject to suspension.  For a complete list of traffic points, you can look at the list provided by the Division of Motor Vehicles.

Whenever you are issued a ticket for a moving violation, it is important to consult with an attorney who has experience in municipal court matters.  The Law Offices of Anthony Carbone has handled these types of cases for more than two decades.  They will review your case to determine your defenses.  Rather than take the risk of marring your driving record, it is important to seek competent advice.  Contact us for a complimentary appointment.



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