Why It is Important to Have Confidence in your Lawyer

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lawyer confidence law offices of anthony carboneHow did you choose your attorney?  Were you personally referred?  Did you do a Google search and retain the first name that came up?  More than likely, you were careful in the selection.  With that said, let’s emphasize the reasons it is important to have confidence in your lawyer.

Any type of legal case can have a toll on you.  If you were seriously injured in an accident, you want to make sure your attorney is familiar with negotiating the best settlement on your behalf.  The same applies to someone going through a painful divorce.  Legal representation for criminal charges is no exception.  You need to feel confident that your lawyer essentially has your back.

First Step to Confidence in Legal Representation

Your confidence in your attorney should start the moment you agree to sign the retainer agreement.  Candidly, your gut may tell you that you’ve picked the right lawyer.  Other considerations should also help in your selection.  Here are some things that should factor into your decision:

  • Experience: Does the lawyer have experience with your type of case?
  • Referral: Were you personally referred to the attorney by someone who was pleased with the outcome of their case?
  • Independent Sources: The Rules of Professional Conduct prohibit New Jersey lawyers from holding themselves out as experts.  However, some independent sources offer tools that can assist you in your selection.  For example, Avvo offers “ratings, reviews, and disciplinary records for lawyers.”
  • Testimonials: Have other clients offered testimonials regarding their experience with your prospective lawyer’s representation? Client satisfaction is helpful in establishing a sold attorney/client relationship.

You should know that knowledge of the law just doesn’t come from legal education.  Attorneys are required to pursue continuing education credits.  They should also keep up on changes to the law, including new case law decisions that could affect their clients.  Of course, dealing with insurance companies, other lawyers and the court all add to reasons you turn to experienced legal representation in the first place.

To reiterate, the first step to ensuring you have the right lawyer starts with the initial meeting to discuss your case.  You need to feel confident that your attorney will handle your case and get the best possible outcome.

Why Confidence in Your Lawyer is Essential

It should be evident that confidence in your lawyer is essential.  Your attorney’s job is to use his or her knowledge of the law to act on your behalf.  It may be tempting to listen to the outcome of a friend’s case and assume that you will get the same results.  However, every set of facts and circumstances is unique.

Trust is a critical component of the attorney/client relationship.  As experienced attorneys, our firm recognizes trust as crucial to our representation.  We know that our clients may be anxious about the outcome of their case.  We view it as our job to ease their discomfort.

Of course, communication is key.  At your initial meeting, an attorney may give you some insight concerning the prospective outcome of your case.  However, this information is preliminary.  After investigation and fact gathering, your lawyer may offer a different perspective.

What’s our point?  Trust and communication should be natural lead-ins to confidence in your lawyer.  For example, your attorney makes a recommendation that you take a settlement for a personal injury case.  Why should you have confidence that the offer is a good one?

First, your lawyer has an ethical responsibility to work for your best interests.  Presumably, you retained an experienced personal injury attorney.  The recommendation is based on the facts of the case, the law, and your lawyer’s experience concerning the value of your claim.

The same is true of a divorce case.  You may be understandably upset that your spouse cheated on you and want to make his or her life miserable.   You need to have confidence in your attorney concerning suggestions regarding equitable distribution and support.  Your lawyer can explain how New Jersey handles divorce cases, regardless of fault.

Remember the reason you picked your attorney in the first place.  Confidence is an integral part of the attorney/client relationship.  Communicate any concerns you have regarding legal representation.  Trust that your lawyer has your best interests first.

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At the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone, we value the attorney/client relationship.  We have decades of experiencing helping clients that need legal assistance.  We know that trust and communication are integral to confidence.  If you have a pending legal matter, contact us to see how we can assist you.

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