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Child Support

When a child’s parents are not living together, they still have a legal obligation to support that child. The non-residential parent must pay child support to the residential parent. Failure to pay can result in arrest

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and imprisonment, which won’t help your child.

Are you paying too much or is your child’s other parent not paying enough? When you need assistance in obtaining child support, our award-winning Jersey City child support lawyer can help you pursue a fair amount and seek modification or enforcement of the award.

Child Support Guidelines in New Jersey

Child support in New Jersey is set on the basis of strict legal guidelines, and when the factors that go into the calculation change, it is possible for either party to seek a modification of the monthly amount owed. Certain factors are used to determine a change in your child support agreement. You’ll have to answer the following questions:

  • Did you change jobs or get laid off?
  • Did you have a new child?
  • Do you suspect that your child’s other parent is making more money than before?
  • Is your child spending more overnight visits with you than originally planned?
  • Have there been other changes to the child custody arrangements?

If any of these things are true, you can likely get your child support obligation reduced. Our New Jersey child support lawyer also handles emancipation proceedings to end child support. Even children over 18 may be entitled to support if they are in the parents’ “sphere of influence.” A court will determine if the child is self-sufficient and whether a parent must help pay for college.

If you are owed child support, you should consider whether the other parent is paying enough. Is he or she working an off-the-books cash job? Is he or she deliberately remaining underemployed? The court can grant child support based on imputed income — the earning power of someone who does not report much income.

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Confused About Child Support Calculations? What You Should KnowWhen Your Ex is Behind in Child Support Payments

In New Jersey, collection and enforcement of child support are handled by the state probation department. Family lawyer Anthony Carbone can help you enforce the required payment. One way he can do so is to seek a court order for a two-week bench warrant status. Failure to obey this order can result in arrest.

If you need help enforcing child support or if you are seeking modification of your current payments, don’t wait. Contact The Law Offices of Anthony Carbone at 201-733-2230 to schedule a consultation with our child support attorney in New Jersey.

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