Can Jersey City Overcome the Risk of Fatal Accidents?

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jersey city carboneThe year to date numbers are more than alarming. According to New Jersey State Police report findings, forty-nine individuals have already lost their lives due to a fatal motor vehicle accident. Considering that this is only February, the future seems a bit dismal.

Unfortunately, a number of fatal accidents occur in Jersey City. In some respects, it’s due to the influx of traffic. There is also the issue of pedestrian accidents that occur most frequently in downtown areas. Meanwhile, Jersey City is an access point for New York City commuters. The New Jersey State Turnpike and Routes 1 and 9 are roads most traveled.

As the mayor of the state’s second-largest city, Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop knows quite a bit about local traffic accidents. That said, he recently introduced an initiative planned to eradicate fatal motor vehicle crashes from the city limits.

Vision Zero and Fatal Accidents

At the very least, it sounds ambitious. After all, accidents happen. In some cases, people suffer significant personal injury when cars or other larger vehicles lose control. In others, people lose their lives. Is there really a way to curtail these accidents?

Enter Project Vision Zero. According to a recent news article, Jersey City will soon start to join the list of thirty other municipalities who are invested in Vision Zero. The new traffic safety strategy means the creation of a thirteen-member task force whose focus is to reduce the occurrence of catastrophic accidents. The goal is to end all fatal crashes by the year 2026.

Vision Zero first initiated its campaign in Sweden in the 1990s. The strategy name is intuitive; the vision is for zero deaths due to car crashes. In some cases, Vision Zero calls for a complete overhaul of the transportation systems in particular cities. They emphasize that the need for safe streets is as critical as the expectation for clean water.

No doubt that 2026 seems far away when worrying about both pedestrian and automobile accidents. As it stands, speed is one of the most common reasons for both types of crashes. One of Vision Zero’s objectives may be to reduce speed limits and enact better enforcement. Some streets may also experience redesign.

Keeping it Local

Since the beginning of the year, three people lost their lives as a result of motor vehicle accidents in Jersey City. One crash involved a stolen SUV that struck a man at a bus stop. The impact was so bad that the man’s body was thrown and subsequently run over by the stolen SUV.

In introducing Vision Zero, Mayor Fulup expressed his condolences for those killed in car crashes. Based on his review of the program, he is hopeful that senseless tragedies can be avoided going forward.

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