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juvenileDid your child get into a fight that led to assault charges? This can be a serious matter, especially if you never dealt with the criminal legal system before. You may be worried about your child’s case and have fear about his or her future. What you need is a criminal defense lawyer who can help you in this trying time.

For nearly three decades, the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone has been dealing with ins and outs of the New Jersey juvenile court system. Juvenile criminal defense attorney Anthony Carbone and his team know how to help your child during this tough and stressful time. With an aggressive criminal defense, we will make sure your child receives the best possible outcome for his/her case.

The types of charge your child can face could be simple assault. This means the juvenile had injured, threatened, or intended to injure another person or persons. Even if the juvenile and the other party were just roughhousing or fooling around, your child could still face criminal charges. Simple assault is considered a disorderly persons offense and carries a punishment of set fines. However, there are situations when a simple assault is considered a fourth-degree crime, which has a punishment of prison time.

The case is generally handled in the family court system. But in rare instances, the juvenile could be charged as an adult and face a harsher punishment than the one he or she would face in family court. If the child is charged as an adult, he or she could be going to jail instead of college. Even an assault charge from family court on your child’s record can cause a lot of damage to his or her future. Not only could your child have trouble finding a future career, but any education options could be revoked.

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But juvenile criminal defense attorney Anthony Carbone will make sure your child’s case is heard in the proper court and the potential punishment will not affect his or her future. In addition, Attorney Carbone will help your child through the record expungement process. Contact our Firm today for a free consultation.

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