The knockout game: What you need to know

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Have you heard of “the knockout game?” It’s been in the news recently. What happens is stranger will approach you on the street and will violently punch you with one hit, in an attempt to knock you out. The person is not trying to do this for any criminal reason. To him/her, it’s just part of the game. And worse, these types of attacks are videotaped and posted online.

This game has become so popular in New Jersey that a new law was created by the Legislature gives participants of the “knockout game” a more severe punishment than a typical assault case. Generally, if a person commits a third-degree aggravated assault, it’s generally up to the judge to decide whether the sentence should include jail time. However, if you had committed this type of crime while playing the “knockout game,” you can expect to receive the minimum amount of prison time, which is one year.  Why such severe reaction? Well, a lot has to do with the vicious attack of a homeless man by three youths in Hoboken in September. The man later died of his injuries and the teens were convicted of murder.

So what can happen if you find you’re the victim of this game? You contact Jersey City lawyer Anthony Carbone right away. We will make sure that the people involved do not get away with this crime and make sure justice is done. For more information on assault or other criminal offense, click here.

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