Little White Lies, Part 4: Bigger Insurance Fraud

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Little White Lies Bigger Insurance Fraud Clams Anthony carboneThe size of the lies may be of consequence in defrauding insurance companies.  In Little White Lies, Part 4: Bigger Insurance Fraud, we examine some more blatant examples of insurance fraud.  For this, we have chosen to provide you with news articles documenting these actions.

Bus Accidents

It is a running joke with first responders that after a bus accident, they can count on the bus gaining some additional passengers.  An older New York Times article referred to these characters as “ghost riders”.  These are individuals who spot the accident and see an opportunity to cash in.  More than likely, they have no injuries.  For certain, they did not sustain harm from the bus accident.  After all, they were not even a bus occupant when the accident occurred.  It is not worth the risk to pretend that you were using public transportation in an attempt to recover compensation.

Medical Treatment

Charges of insurance fraud are not necessarily limited to claimants.  Consider a recent New Jersey sting operation.  According to a article, twelve individuals were charged with conspiracy in an insurance scam.  The defendants included an attorney, a chiropractic office and other medical professionals.  Criminal charges in this matter include racketeering and health care fraud.  Penalties could be extensive.

It is also illegal and unethical to secure medical treatment for non-existent injuries or harm unrelated to an accident.  Keep in mind that insurance companies have the ability to surveil claimants. At the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone, we encourage our clients to act with integrity.  Of course, we are available for legal representation for any charges that may be brought against you.

Reporting a Car Stolen

If your vehicle is giving you problems, there may be the temptation to dispose of it.  One other form of insurance fraud is to sell the vehicle and then report it stolen.  Insurance Fraud News tells the story of a man who tried to do exactly this.  It seems the individual reported his Mercedes stolen and submitted a claim for $45, 000.  Instead, he received criminal charges.

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You may wonder about our concentration on insurance fraud this week.  We are certainly not trying to give you any ideas! If anything, please accept our many examples as cautionary.   Obviously, we realize that some mistakes are not intentional.  You may be falsely charged with insurance fraud and need legal representation.  We believe our almost three decade of legal experience can help you.    If you have concerns about your dealings with the insurance company, contact us.  We are pleased to offer complimentary legal advice.

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