Making an Accident Claim for Passengers in a Limousine

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Making an Accident Claim for Passengers in a LimousineWhile the country’s attention was focused on the appointment of a new Supreme Court Justice, something terrible happened. It was an accident that warranted a break-in to the national news. In neighboring New York State, twenty lives were lost as a result of a limo crash. Seventeen of the fatal accident victims were passengers in the limousine.

As this particular story goes, the group of family and friends was out for a night on the town for a birthday celebration. More than likely, they elected to have someone else do the driving for obvious reasons. It surely seemed like a responsible decision to avoid worries of selecting designated drivers.

According to reports, four sisters and two brothers died in the crash. Some of the decedents were parents to young children.  Without a doubt, the accident leaves behind an incredible void with tons of unanswered questions.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA) maintains statistics regarding motor vehicle crashes. Their records indicate that limousine crashes are rare. Of course, that’s of no solace to the families that must now make funeral arrangements.

Although this accident occurred in New York, it could have happened in New Jersey. In that case,  it would be critical to obtain legal advice from an experienced personal injury attorney to process a negligence claim.

Filing a Claim for a Limousine Accident

While it is true that your personal automobile policy plays a role in many motor vehicle crashes, this is not the case for limousine accidents. A limousine is considered a commercial vehicle. Therefore, a different set of rules applies.

It might be that you were lucky enough to survive a limousine crash, but sustained injuries. In a previous article, we explained that you may be limited on your right to sue. Your condition must fall into one of select categories.

However, the limitation for the right to sue does not apply to commercial vehicles. That said, you should also know that your personal automobile policy will not cover your medical bills. This is something your attorney can help you with when you meet to set up your claim.

In many cases, your first inclination may be to go after the driver and the limousine company. Meanwhile, there could be other parties that contributed to your accident.  Was something wrong with the vehicle? Was it improperly maintained or repaired? Could the municipality or other government entity bear some responsibility for a wrongly controlled intersection?

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