Managing Blind Spots for Safety

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blind spots anthony carboneOne of the scariest aspects of driving is the unknown.  Managing blind spots for safety is an important consideration for every motor vehicle operator.  Many times, a crash could have been avoided if the driver checked for blind spots before proceeding on the road.  Learn these important tips as they relate to managing blind spots for safety.

What are Blind Spots?

If your vision is obstructed by something in front of you, you may encounter a blind spot.  Perhaps someone neglected to trim hedges, and your view is obstructed.  This would cause a blind spot in front of you and could mean that you could pass through a stop sign without recognizing another car on the roadway.

When you cannot see a nearby vehicle or other obstruction in your mirrors, you may also encounter a blind spot.  It is prudent to quickly check your blind spot before making a move.

Mirrors are there for a Reason

Do you share a car with another driver?  If you do, you may readjust the steering wheel and driver’s seat.  When you do so, make sure you do the same with the mirrors.    Set both side mirrors so that you can see to the rear of your car at eye level.  Check that the rear view mirror is positioned so you can see behind you with ease.  Of course, you should follow the same procedure for setting your mirrors even if you do not share your vehicle with another driver.

Now that you have your mirrors adjusted, remember to use them!  Before you decide to change lanes or make turns, you should use your mirrors to see if it is safe to proceed.  This is also true when you pull away from the curb or back out of a driveway.

Avoiding Accidents

Unfortunately, many drivers are in a hurry and fail to recognize the importance of checking blind spots while operating their vehicles.  Consider these important tips to avoid accidents:

  • Use your mirrors. Know what vehicles are around you at all times.  “Where did that car go?” should always come to mind before you change lanes or make a turn.
  • Do not rely on technology. Even if your vehicle is equipped with special blind spot warning devices, be aware that they can be faulty.
  • Inch ahead when the blind spot is a front obstruction. Do not make haste moves until you can see the road and passing traffic.
  • Do a “shoulder peek”. If your mirrors are adjusted properly, you should be able to use them in concert.  Therefore, your head movement should be minimal to check for blind spots.
  • Do not travel in someone else’s blind spot. Some truckers even if have signs indicating their blind areas.  Pay heed.

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