Missed your court date? What will happen?

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So you got arrested and you are given a court date. What happens if you miss that court date?  A few things could happen to you and none of them are good. If you fail to appear in court, the charges can range from a simple fine to jail time. It all depends on how severe the charges against you are.

So what exactly will happen? Well if it’s a criminal proceeding, failure to appear in court will lead the judge to issue a bench warrant against you. This will cause you to be arrested immediately as soon as law enforcement catches up with you. If it’s for a civil case, again a bench warrant could be issued. Or, if you are the plaintiff in the case, it will most likely be dismissed.

Another action that will happen is you may be found guilty of the offense, even if you aren’t guilty or your charges are dismissed. And yes, even if missing your court date is unintentional, you will still face a stiff penalty.  It is possible to change your court date if for some reason you are unable to make it the day of. In order to do this, you should make the request an extension in writing before the date and submit it to the court.

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