Are More People Arrested During the Holidays?

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holidays arrest carboneMore than likely, you already have your suspicions. After all, it makes sense to a certain degree. Stress can contribute to some bad decisions. As a result, it does seem that more and more people are arrested during the holidays.

Meanwhile, there’s something else that might interest you when it comes to criminal activity in December. According to scientific research, arrest rates increase in the days right after a full moon and new moon. Apparently, it all adds up to a recipe for trouble. If you’re the one accused of wrongdoing, you’ll notice that you’re not alone.

The problem is so bad when it comes to arrests at the end of the year that there is actually a classification known as holiday crime. Nevertheless, that’s just a catch-all phrase for charges that occur at any time of the year.

Domestic Violence and the Holidays

The song may say “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.” However, you may have different thoughts of your own. Unfortunately, you could find yourself in a bad situation as you prepare for the Yuletide celebration. Whether you’re the victim or accused of an act of domestic violence, you’re undoubtedly upset. For more on this subject, you may look at our article about the prevalence of domestic violence at Christmastime.

DWI Arrests During the Holidays

Tis the Season. It could be that you aren’t much of a drinker to begin with. However, the problem started when you decided to release some social anxiety at the office holiday party. No doubt it was fun while it lasted. The problem is that even buzzed driving is considered drunk driving. As a result, you could face losing your license and other more severe penalties.

A company that markets alcohol monitoring equipment offers some sobering statistics. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving accounts for the highest number of drunk driving arrests. However, it’s not until after the new year comes and goes that there is a recognizable decline.


Shoplifting can be a real temptation during the holidays. After all, there is tremendous pressure to come up with just the right gift. If you’re lacking funds, you may decide to slip a little something in your purse or pocketbook. Although the value of the item dictates the severity of the penalties, you could find yourself placed in cuffs.

Burglary and Robbery

Once again, the holidays seem to account for more and more burglary and robbery attempts. Suspects have admitted that they know there will be extra cash or presents around the tree. However, that’s not to say that some aren’t wrongfully accused.

The advantage of working with an experienced criminal defense attorney is to review the facts and the evidence. Your defense strategy can make a big difference when it comes to your freedom.

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