Safety is Key to Your New Year’s Eve Celebration

Posted December 28th, 2018 by .

Categories: Auto Accidents, Personal Injury.

Christmas is over, and that means we have our sights set on the end of the year. As we bid farewell to 2018 and welcome to 2019, you will probably have plans to celebrate with family and friends. Many will be counting down at a bar or club, while others will be partying in the […]

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Committed a Crime During the Holidays? You Better Watch Out!

Posted December 21st, 2018 by .

Categories: Criminal Defense.

With Christmas only days away and New Year’s right around the corner, everyone is feeling the stress of the holidays. From getting your loved one the perfect gift to the inconvenience of traveling to your grandmother’s house to planning the last part of the year, we’re all feeling the strain. The last thing we want […]

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Avoiding a Slip and Fall Injury During the Holidays

Posted December 19th, 2018 by .

Categories: Slip and Falls.

Slip and fall accidents occur everyday and everywhere in New Jersey. During the holiday season, these incidents occur on a more frequent basis. One could slip and fall from carrying a Christmas tree into their home or they could slip from a ladder trying to hang decorative lights. Regardless of what the incident was, slip […]

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Holiday-Related Injuries Are Common in New Jersey

Posted December 17th, 2018 by .

Categories: Personal Injury.

With only a week until Christmas Eve, the holiday season is in full swing in New Jersey. That means spending time with family and friends, along with some well-deserved time off from work. However, you may not be able to enjoy those things if an unsuspected injury occurs. The holiday season, while known as one […]

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Holiday Custody Schedules in New Jersey

Posted December 12th, 2018 by .

Categories: Family Law.

The holiday season is a time to celebrate with family. However, when your children are spending their holiday with your ex-spouse, you probably aren’t in the mood for much celebrating. At the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone, we have found that even the most amicable of divorces can turn hostile, especially when it involves your […]

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How to Avoid a House Fire This Holiday Season

Posted December 6th, 2018 by .

Categories: Personal Injury.

It’s that time of year again! Sleighbells is ringing and towns across New Jersey are decorated from home to home. With all the joy and fun that surrounds the Garden State during the holiday season, we shouldn’t forget about all the dangers to you and your home – especially house fires. According to the National […]

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‘Tis The Season of Domestic Violence?

Posted December 5th, 2018 by .

Categories: Domestic Violence.

The holiday season is underway, and for many, that means it’s the most wonderful time of the year. However, that’s not the case for victims of domestic violence, especially in New Jersey. The stress of the holidays can make a bad temper even worse. All the errands, long car rides to see family and friends, […]

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Worker Safety During the Holiday Shopping Season

Posted November 23rd, 2018 by .

Categories: Workers Compensation.

Thanksgiving is behind us and now the holiday season can truly begin. With Black Friday already underway, this weekend is a shopaholic’s dream — great sales, deep discounts, and time to shop. It also means crowded stores, irritated customers, and long hours for workers. And if you’re one of those brave retail workers handling the […]

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Thanksgiving Celebrations and the Fear of Domestic Violence

Posted November 21st, 2018 by .

Categories: Domestic Violence.

It was a day that would be forever etched in her mind. As the young mother struggled to put the Thanksgiving meal together, she could hear the screams from the other room. Apparently, her husband had now unleashed his anger on their adolescent daughter. He returned to the kitchen and punched a hole in the […]

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Labor Day Safety: Watch Out For That Grill!

Posted August 31st, 2018 by .

Categories: Personal Injury.

The end of summer has finally come. Kids are going back to school, pumpkin spice is wafting through the air, and the temperatures…well, it’s still hot outside. As Labor Day signals the end of a long, hot summer, it also brings car accidents, grill catastrophes, and drinking and driving. Car Accident Fatalities: What You Should […]

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