NJ files lawsuit against Volkswagen for cheating emissions tests

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Did you buy a Volkswagen recently in New Jersey? Watch out, it may be defective.

According to recent news reports, New Jersey authorities have filed a lawsuit against the German carmaker after it was revealed millions of diesel-fuled cars had software installed to cheat US emissions tests. According to the suit, more than 17,000 vehicles sold in New Jersey had the software installed.

Although it may not seem like a car company trying to cheat its way out of emissions tests is a big deal, it can affect your health. Emission standards are put in place to keep our air free of pollutants that our cars can give off. However, according to New Jersey’s complaint, 1,000 deaths and 68,000 cases of asthma per year are attributed to fine particle emissions, the type of emissions that come from automobile pollution.

The emissions scandal came to light in September 2015 when the US Environmental Protection Agency accused Volkswagen of installing software in an effort to avoid federal emission regulations. Although sold as “CleanDiesel” vehicles, the EPA stats the cars were actually emitting nitrogen oxides up to 40 times the standard level. Volkswagen claims to have sold approximately 482,000 defective vehicles in the US alone.

If you or someone you know that has own one of the affected vehicles which has caused you to become ill, we would like to speak with you. Contact the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone today for a free evaluation of your case.

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