No Surprise if Your Slip and Fall Accident Happened Here in New Jersey

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No Surprise if Your Slip and Fall Accident Happened HereLocation. Location. Location. You’ve heard the phrase used in conjunction with the real estate market. However, here’s something you might not know. You’re more at risk for a slip and fall accident in particular types of places.

Are you busy nursing injuries after falling down a flight of stairs? Believe it or not, your accident type doesn’t make it to the top of the list. That’s not to say that you aren’t suffering. In fact, your downward spiral may have caused you some serious harm.

It could be that people approach steps with more caution when they walk down them. Or, that there are fewer stairs than flat surfaces when it comes to moving from place to place. In any event, at least seventy percent of all slip and fall down accidents happen on flat and level surfaces.

Public Slip and Fall

Did you fall in a hotel? Or, a restaurant? Or, in a public building? It should come as no surprise that a great many slip and fall accidents happen in these types of locations. You may personally understand exactly why that’s the case.

Jersey City boasts over 170 hotel properties in its vicinity, and there’s a chance you slipped and fell in one of them. In some cases, it’s poor maintenance that caused you to suffer severe injuries. For example, maybe an ice machine leaked all over, and you slipped on the wet surface.

No doubt that business owners have a duty when it comes to patrons. You are legally considered an invitee under premises liability law. Therefore, if you’re hurt because the business owner failed to exercise reasonable care for your safety, you are within your rights to pursue a claim.

Slip and Fall Accidents Occur Many Places

You should know that your chronological age and sex also suggest where you’re more likely to fall.  Interestingly, older women fall most often in their houses, while men fall outside.

If you or your loved one fell in a nursing home, there’s a chance that your accident occurred while you were on the way to the bathroom. Whether or not you are entitled to compensation depends on what caused you to fall.

Another interesting fact? The majority of accidents that happen in churches or other houses of worship involve falling downstairs.

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