Nursing Home Abuse: It’s Not Just About the Physical

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As baby boomers become part of the elderly population, their need for care increases. In some cases, that means seeking services outside the home. Unfortunately, the risk of nursing home abuse poses a reality. And, it’s not just about the physical. nursing home abuse A recent news article focused on what may be the nine worst nursing homes in New Jersey. In reality, it’s actually the federal government that puts out names of underperforming nursing homes across the country.

In Essex County, the New Grove Manor in East Orange could lose its Medicare and Medicaid funding for concerns about continuing health and safety violations. Apparently, staffing represents a major cause for alarm. The ratio of residents to those who take care of them doesn’t meet federal standards. Meanwhile, authorities also have two other Essex County facilities on a list suggesting they might need intense scrutiny. These include the Waterview Center in Cedar Grove and Summit Ridge Center in West Orange.

Without question, you already have some questions about the prevalence of nursing home abuse and neglect.  It’s hard enough to take the steps to move your loved one to a facility. For some, setting up cameras seems like a great means of monitoring what goes on as far as patient care.  In the meantime, nursing home abuse isn’t limited to just physical acts of violence. For that matter, it can be more than emotionally berating someone you love.

When Nursing Home Abuse Represents Elder Financial Abuse

Nursing home abuse: it's not just about the physical | the law offices of anthony carboneYou’ve undoubtedly heard the stories of the caretaker who takes advantage of their elderly client. In many cases, that person lives in at the family residence and seemingly takes advantage of what should be a trusted relationship. In some cases, relatives take care of older family members. A brother or sister may have suspicions that another sibling has decided to take advantage of an already bad situation. This could involve cashing checks or disposing of assets without legal authority to do so.

Meanwhile, some nursing homes or their employees develop schemes that essentially amount to elder financial abuse. You should be suspicious if any of the following occurs:

  • You don’t recognize the signature on a check allegedly signed by a nursing home resident.
  • Checks are cashed without prior authorization by someone who holds a power of attorney or the resident.
  • Money or valuable items are missing from the nursing home facility
  • The resident signs over a power of attorney and lacks the capacity to do so.
  • Estate documents are changed to name heirs outside the family

If you start noticing unauthorized bank withdrawals or other issues of concern, you shouldn’t second guess yourself. After all, stealing is stealing. And, elder financial abuse represents a true concern.

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