How Will the Red Light Camera Program Termination Affect Us?

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red-light-camera-program-comes-to-an-endOn first glance, red light camera tickets appeared to be a solid solution to cutting down traffic accidents.  The theory was that some people mind their pocketbooks more than their safety.  The silver lining to this violation technique filled municipal coffers with additional revenue.  If that’s all true, why is New Jersey discontinuing its red light camera program?

In a recent news article, Jersey City Councilman Rich Boggiano applauded the termination of red light camera tickets.  He termed the tickets illegal and even called red light cameras dangerous.  His theory is that drivers are so worried about a potential fine that they slam on their brakes to avoid one.  That’s an interesting twist on the idea that red light cameras were put up for safety reasons.

The New Jersey Department of Transportation initiated its red light camera pilot program five years ago.  A list of the 76 authorized cameras appears here. NJDOT recently informed municipalities that the program would cease on December 16, 2014.  There have been issues concerning the pilot since its onset.  One had to do with the timing of yellow lights.  Other problems occurred when the tickets were not issued within 90 days of the alleged violation.  The red light camera program cannot be reinstated without legislation authorizing it.

There is no doubt that the decreased revenue will affect municipalities.  Will safety suffer?  The DOT has not come out with a final report concerning its findings concerning accidents and their relevance to red lights.  On the one hand, some say the cameras have increased crash prospects.  Others say that the cameras make drivers more mindful and have therefore changed driver behavior.

Accidents that occur at red lights often cause serious injuries.  They often represent one car broadsiding another as they attempt to go through the intersection.  In more colloquial terms this type of accident is known as a “T-bone accident” as the meeting place of the cars forms the letter “T”.  It often represents physical damage to both vehicles and their drivers.

If you are involved in an automobile accident of any kind, it is important to see legal counsel.  The Law Offices of Anthony Carbone has been handing car accidents for many years and can advise you of your rights.  Contact us for more information.

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